Own bitcoin in just a few minutes

Buying bitcoin is simple and can be done by anyone. Buying and using bitcoin is often simpler than using paypall.

What is bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is an anonymous payment method.

How can I buy bitcoin?

There are two ways of buying bitcoin.

     1. Buy bitcoin with cash
You can buy bitcoin with cash using a bitcoin atm. To do this,  you first need to download a bitcoin wallet. A wallet is a bitcoin app where bitcoins are stored. You can send and receive bitcoins from your wallet. We recommend using the blockchain wallet app.

After you downloaded and installed your bitcoin wallet you can buy bitcoins with cash at a bitcoin atm.

2. Buying bitcoin online
 You can easily buy bitcoin online with coinbase. Follow these 3 steps:

Create an account on coinbase

Get started is fast, secure, and designed to keep your personal info safe.

Verify your identity

To prevent identity theft, you’ll need a photo ID to make sure it’s really you.

Buy bitcoin

Get started with as little as 25 pound, and you can pay with a debit card or bank account.

If you need any help feel free to contact us at info@thcoilexpress!

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